DeadPool Movie Review

Deadpool Movie Review

DeadPool Movie Review (Released 2016)

  • IMDB – 8.2 | Rotten Tomatoes – 91%
  • Rated R
  • 108 minutes
  • Released – February 12th, 2016
  • Directed By: Tim Miller

Our Reviewers Thoughts

Valentines Day 2016, a beautiful day of romance where couples go to the theaters and watch sappy movies about love, or even better watch a pun filled gore fest about a revenge seeking mercenary with a big mouth and even bigger swords. Yes, that is exactly what Deadpool is. Great isn’t it!

The movie begins by showing off its rated R statues with the gruesome killings of the henchmen of Ajax, the British bad guy responsible for Deadpool’s powers and disfigurement. Deadpool unsuccessfully hunts Ajax down in hopes he will fix his disfigurement. He is stopped by the X-men, all two of them, because they want him to use his abilities for good. A flashback, backstory happens and the audience discovers Deadpool used to be an ordinary mercenary with a ordinary life with his beautiful hooker girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle. He is diagnosed with terminal cancer and secretly sneaks away from Vanessa to go to the trusty secret program that claims they can cure his cancer. Turns out they are actually jerks and  are force people into becoming mutants then selling them to the highest bidder. Deadpool escapes before blowing up the facility and goes after Ajax to force him to make him beautiful again. Yes, the plot of Deadpool is that he believes he is too ugly to be with Vanessa and must stay away from her until Ajax fixes his once beautiful face.

Deadpool was no doubt a big relief from Fox’s other superhero fails such as Fantastic 4 or the previous  upsetting mouth-sewn-shut Deadpool of Wolverines Origins. With joke after joke and the destruction of the fourth wall, Deadpool has become my new favorite stand alone superhero movie. Sorry Iron Man, the merc with a mouth won my heart over that Valentines day.   Despite the strange plot of revenge with beauty and the beast mixed into it. Deadpool felt as if he walked right out of my comics and invaded the big screen. Deadpool also brought along some of his friends such as Blind Al and Agent Bob who is working for Ajax.  Another detail I loved about this movie was Deadpools costume. A costume can make or break a movie, we’ve all seen the batnipples in Batman & Robin, and Deadpools costume only added to his personality and wit.

Some of the throwbacks to the movie could have all been easily fixed. Theres a moment between Deadpool and Ajax where Ajax asks him what his real name is and Deadpool doesn’t say anything due to the trauma of the mutant gene torture. Deadpool shuts up and he is never suppose to shut up. That moment hurt my nerdy heart a little. Theres also the scene where Ajax stabs Deadpool with a pole and hooks the end so he can’t escape, next scene Deadpool simply walks out of ash, the pole no where in sight. It would have added to the gore of the movie to watch Deadpool free himself from that pole. I was also confused with Vanessa Carlysle lack of powers, maybe that will be a feature in Deadpool 2.

Despite these little nitpicks, Deadpool is a much watch for any superhero fan and even though its not a romance movie, it definitely told the best romance story I have ever heard.

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Saw 1 Movie Review

Saw 1 Movie Review Directed by James Wan

Saw 1 Movie Review Directed by James Wan

  • IMDB – 7.7 | Rotten Tomatoes – 48%
  • Rated R
  • 103 minutes
  • Released – October 29th, 2004
  • Directed By: James Wan

Our Reviewers Thoughts

Saw, a horror and psychological thriller that hit theaters October 29, 2004. I actually remember this movies trailer and movie posters when I was 9. Only when I was 15 did I actually see the movie for the first time and instantly fell in love. I admit I have a soft-spot for serial killer horror films but no other movie had been able to take Saw away from my top 5 list. Saw is also on many movie critic lists to have one of the best plot twists in movie history.

The movie begins with two men locked in a degraded public bathroom and are given orders to kill the other if they want to survive. The story is slow at first but once you pass the fifteen minute mark the plot story thickens and story telling of different characters capturers the audience’s attention. The focus shifts from which man in the bathroom will survive to who is the infamous Jigsaw killer.

Jigsaw is one of my favorite horror movie psychopaths simply by the fact that he doesn’t actually kill his victims. He sets up elaborate traps for people who he believes don’t appreciate their lives and they must over come the traps puzzle in order to survive and supposedly, find a new love for life after almost dying. Only one victim named in the first movie has been able to pass the gory and demented puzzles he created so far. The psychology behind Jigsaw is beautifully written. Each trap he makes is made for each individual victim in parallel to the reason why he put them there.  For example, Jigsaw found an older man who didn’t appreciate the gift of his life and was cutting himself. Jigsaw puts the man in a maze filled with razor wire, if he wants to escape and live, he must move through razor wire and cut himself to the path of survival.

Saw itself isn’t necessarily a horror movie but a psychological crime thriller with grotesque scenes that might make viewers cringe.  The movie also makes a pleasant stand alone but it also doesn’t disappoint when you watch the whole 7 film franchise. The Saw series continues to create amazing puzzles for victims to solve and creates an emotional bond between viewer and psychopathic killer Jigsaw.

Some down points of the movie, B rated acting by Leigh Whannell who plays Adam and the movement of the camera in the bathroom scenes. But this seems to be a good starting point for Whannell in future works such as the Insidious series. Its almost like the actors had to warm up to being in a movie before actually acting as they should have been. Also the makeup art for Dr. Gordon when he suffers from blood loss looks like they used Party City clown makeup. Another downside is that there won’t be any more Saw films, or at least thats what I thought. In Saw’s release in 2014 for its tenth anniversary, LionsGate decided it was time to bring Jigsaw back. Saw VIII or Saw: Legacy is to have an initial release date sometime in 2017.

Although it has a slow start, the Saw movie and its sequels is one the the worlds most famous horror franchises and I’m ecstatic for the new movie that will hopefully bring a new love for Jigsaw for the new generation.

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